Zen Gardens

  • Garden stones for

    Garden stones for "hardscapes"

  • Zen Garden Stones

    Zen Garden Stones

  • 4 to 6mm pebbles for zen gardens

    4 to 6mm pebbles for zen gardens

Zen Gardens originate from medieval Japan and are a significant part of Japanese culture in history and remain of importance today. Rocks are among the most popular hardscape items in Zen Gardens or any other garden design. Stones or pebbles instantly give landscapes an old and weathered look. Stone is the most durable and long lasting element in any landscaping project. If you want to create a Zen Garden or your own stone garden any stone adds that outstanding final appearance.

Zen Garden elements resemble features of nature. The flow of water is represented by raked sand, gravel depicts land and stones portray mountains. By encompassing these natural elements, Zen Gardens can be a soothing, relaxing and quiet place to encourage peacefulness and thoughts. The rituals of daily care, such as raking the sand, and exploration throughout your garden furthers the ideas of contemplation and reflection.

There is no set art to creating your Zen Garden as they are a true artistic expression of its keeper, and can signify a special or sacred time or place. Zen Gardens can be appropriated in anyway you like as they are a place for serenity from within the keeper. Zen gardens are the perfect place for some time out, mediation and peace, especially in todays ostentatious society.