• Schist stone walls

    Schist stone walls

  • Schist gold blend entrance walls

    Schist gold blend entrance walls

  • Schist paradise garden

    Schist paradise garden

  • Schist stone letterbox

    Schist stone letterbox

  • Schist chimneys

    Schist chimneys

  • Schist wall pillars

    Schist wall pillars

  • Schist thin profile feature wall

    Schist thin profile feature wall

  • Schist stone chimney

    Schist stone chimney

  • Schist stonework

    Schist stonework

  • Schist cobbles

    Schist cobbles

  • Schist stone

    Schist stone

A Garnet-Biotite-Muscovite schist from Westland, South Island. Shimmering Deep to Medium Grey in colour it is one of the most durable schists available. It's non-slip surfaces make this ideal for outdoor paving, pool surrounds and entranceways. A very affordable natural stone product, it is also low maintenance and very easy to clean.

This schist suits paving, water features, retaining walls, exterior walling, pillars, fireplace surrounds, hearths, mantles, feature walls, landscaping whole schist rocks, pool surrounds and entranceways.

Finish Options

  • Split
  • River worn
  • Feature rocks
  • River worn stepping stones
  • Walling

We have the resource and mining consents in the Waitaha Valley to recover and process Waitaha Schist so we supply finest quality at the most competitive prices on the market. Get in touch.